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Everyone’s de iny is a journey between toposes, that is, places where things, places and time come together.
Pre-conditions and the personality’s objectives determine individual toposes. The space where personalities unite to form sociums is like the ocean.
Its form is un able and changeable. People make their wretched ships of bamboo; to survive they prepare themselves for sailing the world and choose their captains.
The bound together  ems and ropes are like conceptual networks for settling down in a socium, for fi nding one’s own place and observation of sorts, to quote the sailors.
To fi nd one’s bearings in the world, one needs external reference points, a sy em of coordinates that is external as regards man and that determines his place in space.
The  ar-lit sky, faith or idea will allow people not to lose the right direction.
Since 1996 I have been evolving the idea of “wreck art”, the art of perished ships, because I have the persi ent feeling that our situation is hopeless: we are wandering in the wilderness, our captain Moses is having fun with his mi ress in the cabin, we are already lo in boundless space, our ship careened, but the rule “ladies and children fi r ” is no longer and the captain is the fi r to fl ee the capsized ship with his suitcase between his legs.
From the desert of Morocco I am calling on every captain of the world to get back on board and on people not to lose hope and to build ships even in deserts.
And on arti s to rise above the surface to see the horizon.
And choose unshakeable reference points.

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