Frequently Asked Questions

The Heliconia Group prides Itself on being a reliable top high end travel service. Is there still something you Would like to know about our company, or goals / services? Please take a look at our FAQ’s to gather any information That You May still require. We thank you again from Heliconia and all of our sister companies.

Where’s the best place to buy a Heliconia Group ticket?

You can reach us online at our toll free number or click on our CONTACT US page and a representative will get back to you.

What happens if I buy a ticket and an emergency disrupts my travel?

If you are buying a non-refundable ticket, please be advised that, beyond 24 hours of purchase. In most cases we recommend cancellation insurance.

What travel documents do I need before I travel?

Please come with a valid passport and if you are an EU citizen your EU card. Please check if you need a visa before traveling to the country.

What’s my baggage allowance?

Our helicopters are quite small and we do ask that you travel light. Please come with no more than two bags per person at 23 kilos each.

What is the job market like if choose this industry for my career?

The job market for helicopter pilots is promising.

How long will it take to complete my training?

From start to finish learning to fly a Helicopter takes about 2 years.

What is the biggest helicopter?

The biggest built was the russian (soviet) Mil Mi-12 Homer, and the biggest operational is the Mil Mi-26 Halo. Check them at the Mil timeline section.
The biggest western helicopter is the Sikorsky S-65 / S-80

How high can a helicopter fly?

The current World record is held since June 21, 1972 by the Aerospatiale Lama.
Read the company press release at the news archives section.

Can anyone become a pilot?

Anyone with good health, correctable vision to 20/20 (glasses and contacts are permitted) and those who have dedication, motivation and passion for aviation will go far in the industry.

Are helicopters dangerous?

Like any form of travel there are always risks involved. We test our Helicopters daily and only use the best in the industry.

Do you offer a service to and from the airport?

Absolutely! Whenever you travel with the Heliconia Group we offer a chauffeur service to and from your home or place of business.

How common are flight delays?

Delays are dependant on weather or how much traffic is in the airport. We space our flights so that delays do not effect the next flight. We try our best to avoid delays, however some delays are out of our control.

What entertainment can I expect on my flight?

We offer personal televisions for all of our passengers allowing them to chose between the latest blockbusters or the classics. There are over 100 films and televisions shows to choose from.

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