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We believe service begins with our passengers.

Welcome to HeliFrance. 

We are here to create personalised helicopter experiences for your travel needs. Based in France, HeliFrance specialises in VIP transportation, and is dedicated to making your flight a luxurious experience that meets your standards of excellence.

HeliFrance is part of Heliconia Group, whose activities are structured under two main divisions: aircraft maintenance, and transportation services or more specialised aerial work. HeliFrance operates a fleet of aircraft, which is directly owned by Heliconia Group. The group has built two bases: one in France and one in Morocco. Each base is dedicated to the maintenance of helicopters for both its own aircraft and on behalf of national and international companies.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of HeliFrance.
One of the first helicopter companies in France.


Helicopter transportation remains one of the safest and fastest means of transport in the 21st century. HeliFrance has developed a “hand-tailored” service program for both business and tourist clients to take advantage of this mode of transportation. HeliFrance is committed to meeting the highest tourism service standards of excellence, comparable to the most prestigious hotel groups.

From booking to departure, we want to make your experience at our heliport the most comfortable possible. All transportation to and from the heliport is taken care of through our integrated limousine service. Upon your arrival, passengers are assisted by one of our hostesses to a Parisian lounge at our heliport – comparable to the great Parisian palaces – who also take care of any formalities before boarding. On board the aircraft, passengers are greeted by our professional crews, who will provide you with all the amenities you could need to make your experience perfect. 



HeliFrance is deeply conscious of the environmental issues facing our world today, and we are committed to taking an environmentally responsible approach. Through our choice of aircraft and our procedures, both administrative and commercial, we are determined to leave as small a footprint on the earth as possible.

HeliFrance has chosen to use a range of helicopters that are among the most efficient in terms of environmental and noise pollution. In 2013 we took steps to obtain the most demanding certifications in compliance with environmental standards in the tourism sector. And in May 2013, we redeveloped our company headquarters at the Paris Heliport to meet the most advanced environmental standards.


In compliance with the code of conduct related to air transport, and the regulations imposed by the General Director of Civil Aviation, our company continues to invest and innovate to offer our customers the highest level of safety and comfort.

HeliFrance operates its aircraft through permits issued by the Directorate General for Civil Aviation and in accordance with the strictest regulations related to air transport. Our company has more than a million flight hours to its credit.

In addition to our own maintenance teams, we utilise the resources of Heliconia Group for daily monitoring of our equipment and critical mandatory visits required by the specifications of the manufacturers.

HeliFrance is a member of the International Helicopter Association based in the United States, whose aim is to provide international promotion of the helicopter as a means of transport by providing its members with programs that increase safety, encourage professionalism and economic viability of their operations.








  • Jean-Christophe MARTINET
    Jean-Christophe MARTINETTechnical Director
    • Olivier Caillard
      Olivier CaillardChief Pilot
      • Guillaume Martin
        Guillaume MartinChief Operating Officer

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