In 2008, a market study launched by our Shareholders showed that:

  • The need for helicopter transport and aerial work was increasing steadily throughout Morocco, with new transport demands set to emerge in a number of sectors such as Electrical Works, Health, and the Oil industry
  • There were, at the time, no real “local Moroccan solutions” for helicopter transport.
  • The Department of Civil Aviation was ready to encourage the development of National Operators, provided these operators showed their willingness to move forward in a structured manner and in compliance with regulations (recalling the problems encountered in the early 2000s, and other attempts that have failed due to lack of appropriate equipment implementation or breach of current regulations).

Determined to meet this challenge, the Shareholders bought Helisud Morocco in March 2008. Helisud was the last remaining operational helicopter company of those that were operating in the early 2000s. Helisud had a pilot, a mechanic and a secretary, flew about a hundred hours per year, held a Technical Operating Certificate (TOC) and owned an Alouette 2 (dating from 1961).

Between March 2008 and late 2009 six helicopters were purchased, imported and registered in Morocco. Helisud was restructured and expanded. In late 2010, a communication campaign was launched, introducing the new name and corporate image of the brand as Heliconia. This marked the emergence of the company and the gaining credibility of our brand.

To ensure and facilitate the development of Heliconia Group in Morocco and throughout the sub-region, the Shareholders finalised the acquisition of France’s JCE Helicopters and its subsidiary “HeliChallenge” in November 2012, thus providing a gateway for helicopter market access, a workshop with European standards and new operational structures.

Heliconia Group expects the industry will concentrate on small and medium-sized organisations in the future, and wants to be a main player in this area, while striving to achieve external growth. Across the region, Heliconia aims to become a major competitor in the operation and maintenance of helicopters in France, North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Insulator strings washed till 2015
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Activities of Heliconia Group are contracted with its Shareholders’ own funds.


To permit the redemption of JCE Helicopters France, a Shareholders Holding in Luxembourg was created in 2013 under the name Heliconia Luxembourg SA – allowing the establishment of Heliconia Group internationally and strengthening Moroccan corporate structures (including transformation to SA, and the appointment of Mazars as Auditors For Accounts).



2008 (4.72M EURO)
2009 (10.27M EURO)
2010 (0.454M EURO)
2011 (1.18M EURO)
2012 (5.27M EURO)
2013 (2.18M EURO)
2014 (27.27M EURO)

Our Mission: To provide personalised air services to customers
with high expectations, by anticipating their decisions and responding quickly
to the specific requirements on a client-by-client basis.

The professionals behind Heliconia

Our team share a common system of values and beliefs, and are happy to offer their expert advice. We carefully focus on our customers’ needs and on designing a customised program that meets their specific requirements. Our thorough approach and personalised services ensure comfort and safety, which form the basis of our day-to-day activities.
  • Daniel Sigaud
    Daniel SigaudPresident

    Born in 1948, Daniel has had a long professional career in the international transport industry. Starting in Africa from 1971 to 1986 and moving into West Africa (Nigeria-Angola) from 1986 to present day investing for Logistique Pétrolière. Today, Daniel is the President and CEO of Heliconia Group.

  • Aurélie Giraud
    Aurélie GiraudVice President

    Born in 1981, Aurélie trained as a helicopter pilot and instructor in the United States at Bristow Helicopter Academy and now is currently the Vice President of Heliconia Group.

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